This month’s guest blog is by Hannah Golding, expert personal trainer, pageant queen and blossoming mum-to-be (she just so happens to be my amazing sister also!). She is here to bring you her top five tips on staying fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy;

When it comes to pregnancy, there is always a worry about keeping fit. When it’s 2 in the morning and you are eating anything you can get your hands on and you are so drained from literally growing another life that all you want to do is lay down on the sofa and nap for England!

Every pregnancy is different and so your body will change and adapt in different ways. One woman’s pregnancy tale is completely different to another’s. For example the books say that morning sickness stops around the 14th week, but I’m still being sick into my sixth month!

Here are a few pointers and tips of how to keep fit during pregnancy;

1. If you weren’t into fitness before, do NOT start an intense cardio programme and start lifting twice your weight on the machines.

Always seek medical advice before changing your exercise routine. If you are already going to the gym 4-5 times a week, then you are used to the sort of intensity that goes with the training sessions, but you may need to tweak your routine since you will find yourself more breathless as you get further along. Also being careful lifting heavier weights as your muscles tend to relax more during your pregnancy to prepare your body for birth which means more room for injury.

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2. Join an ante-natal class as soon as you can!

From 12 weeks onwards you should invest in an antenatal class to help prepare your body for childbirth but also for all the growing pains you will experience! These classes aim to help relax, strengthen and prepare you without causing too much stress on the body. This is also a very good chance to help your breathing (you would be surprised how many people don’t breathe during exercises!). 

3. The pool will be your best friend.

As you tend to get bigger, some exercises will become a lot harder and even gentle cardio may seem a struggle. The water will help as it supports you and gives you a slight resistance, without putting too much pressure on your body. Just using the pool for walking, squats and lunges as well as floats will help strengthen the right areas, you will feel weightless for the first time in ages! Try a health club pool as these tend to be slightly warmer to a normal swimming pool (as in not freezing cold when you dip a toe in but not too hot it’s like a sauna!)

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“Exercise can really help prepare you for childbirth and also make your recovery a lot quicker, but it’s learning to listen to your body.”

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4. Hydrate and wear the right clothing.

Water is very important, if you don’t carry water around when you’re exercising then you need to up that water game now you are carrying a plus one! You are more likely to feel dizzy and spin out, keeping hydrated will help keep this at bay as well as help feed your muscles and you won’t cramp as much.

Wearing the right clothes to workout in is important as your body is changing and you need to adapt with it. Wear a good supporting sports bra (I live in sports bras now to be honest!), and make sure it’s not too tight, the same goes for workout pants. I tend to stick to normal gym vest tops and go up a couple of sizes in leggings (primark is my go to!).

5. Don’t over eat.

The old saying you are eating for two? Harsh reality is you only need to consume an extra 300-500 calories at most. The normal guidelines for a woman is 2000 calories and that is before you add in physical activity. Although I still use the excuse and say it’s what baby wants, you need to be aware of what you are feeding your body as you are going to need all the nutrients you can get!  Always ask the professionals from your midwife, doctors to your ante-natal instructor and personal trainers. They know what is good and bad for you, what you need to do and how you can adapt to these changes, it’s what we study for!

My Personal Experience

I found out I was pregnant at 10 and a half weeks and was still teaching 6 classes a week and instructing classes. I was also finding myself mega tired and sick. My midwife told me I didn’t need to change anything I was doing as movement is encouraged during pregnancy.

I’ve had to give up teaching my aqua classes at 6 months just because the heat of the pool, and find dialling down the intensity of my spin classes as it’s getting harder to breathe (that walk up the stairs or uphill, recovery time is needed!!).

I’ve lost weight due to pregnancy sickness so I have been careful of what foods I can eat that still feed my body but that baby doesn’t reject it. I find stretching helps so much to ease the ache of the growing belly as well as drinking loads of water. Also, naps are life!

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“Remember your body is different to everyone else, listen to it, adapt with it and don’t worry about that extra weight until after baby is out!”

If you are after more advice or interested in one-on-one personal training with Hannah, you can visit the Nuffield Health trainers page here or pop into the Swindon branch and say hello in person!

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